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Bordering around Gadgets


Many MOTIF-ish gadgets (e.g. push-buttons or toggle-buttons) are surrounded
by a 2 or 3 pixel wide border area.  This border area is highlighted when
the "focus" of the frame is on that gadget.

Question 1: What is the terminology for this --i.e. the shift to the "last
clicked-on gadget"?  (I assume this different from "arming".)  How is the
gadget notified that this action has taken place?

Question 2: How can we functionally determine the size of this border (for
example to incorporate these borders into our own home-grown gadgets)?

(BTW, these border regions often seem to come up white, regardless of the
foreground/background of either the gadget itself or the pane onto which
the gadget is drawn.  This can make for distracting inconsistencies in a
carefully drawn layout.)


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