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Re: Different VIEWs for command-line arguments

   From: Scott McKay <>
   Date: Fri, 8 Jul 94 16:53:20 EDT

      From: Scott McKay <swm>
      Date: Tue, 29 Mar 94 11:34:50 EST

	 Date: Mon, 28 Mar 94 16:37:29 CST
	 From: "Lawrence G. Mayka" <>

	 I'd like to be able to specify a non-default view (e.g., a particular
	 gadget view) for a command argument, so that in any of the
	 circumstances where the command input is formatted as a dialog, the
	 argument input is formatted according to the view I've specified.
	 Shouldn't CLIM argument descriptions take a :VIEW keyword?

      Good idea.  I will investigate doing this.

   I just investigated.  Isn't it the case that it just works to include
   :VIEW in a command:

    (define-command (com-use-native-debugger :command-table lisp-listener :name t)
      ((boolean 'boolean :default (not *use-native-debugger*) :VIEW <SOME-SILLY-VIEW>))
     (setq *use-native-debugger* boolean))

   It is still the case that the view doesn't get passed into the ACCEPT
   within the dialog, but I am looking at that.

Yes, this now works on (my version of) LispWorks CLIM; and it does
apparently get passed properly to the CLIM:ACCEPT, at least if one is
using CLIM:ACCEPT-VALUES-COMMAND-PARSER (i.e., the dialog form of
command entry), because my chosen gadgets correctly appear on cue.  I
thought you had promptly made this work for me!  (I don't think it
used to work, or I wouldn't have asked for it.)

   Or are you saying that there should also be a :DIALOG-VIEW arg?

This would be a nice additional possibility for customization--the
ability to specify a dialog view on a per-command basis.  Indeed, I
have often wondered why CLIM:ACCEPTING-VALUES itself does not take a
:VIEW argument.

        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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