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Incremental redisplay and output recording - revisited

Well, I've taken a drastic step and went ahead and enrolled in the CLIM II
tutorial. I'm sending this message to more or less "prime the pump" for an
issue I'd really like to put to rest (at least in my project). I'm talking,
of course, about incremental redisplay and output recording.

The last word from SWM on this issue was that "rolling my own" would be
impossible without the sources and probably still difficult with the sources.
At the tutorial, I'd really like to understand why this is the case. My
intention to simply remove an output record from the output history and
replace it with another one certainly seems simple enough (to me). I
have some concerns since I now realize that it isn't.

Let me articulate my ultimate goal a bit more fully:

When the user makes a selection in one of the windows of my application,
it will begin recomputing and updating the display. I would like to allow
the user to continue to make selections before this process completes. Should
the user elect to do this, I will abort computation and display updating
and start again from the new input. I will keep aborting and restarting
until the user stops changing the program's inputs. I'm intending to implement
this by firing up a second process to do the computation and display
updating. It seems to me that I won't be able to use incremental redisplay
to do this.

I have avoided doing any more work in this area by simply redisplaying
each of my panes from scratch every time, a workaround which will obviously
have to change.

Looking forward to a great LUV '94!


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