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Re: Incremental redisplay and output recording - revisited

I think supporting simultaneous i/o (full duplex) is an essential
goal. I was under the impression that such an ability, as in emacs, was
designed in from the start, even if the 1.0 implementation didn't
support it. No?

We'd also like to have multiple output processes simultaneously updating
different panes while an input process gets input from the user. Getting
input shouldn't block the output processing (except, perhaps, for the
duration of a click, or while a menu is pulled the menu may not update).
Input may update what output will be displayed in steady-state. Input
may include gestures on presentations in one or more of the output

I too signed up for CLIM II, and I hope to hear how to go about this.

Brad Miller          
Computer Science Dept.
University of Rochester        716-275-1118 (v) 461-2018 (f)
Rochester, NY 14627-0226

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