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Bad table/border interaction

   Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 17:17-0400
   From: Bob Rogers <>

      When I try to surround individual rows of tables produced by
   formatting-table with borders, the border rectangles (or underlining or
   whatever) all appear on top of each other on the first line of the
   table.  (Trying to surround individual cells or sets of rows both seem
   to fail in the identical way.)  Apparently, the
   clim-internals::border-output-record doesn't realize that the rows get
   moved.  Does anybody have a fix or workaround for this?  I am running
   Genera CLIM 2.1; does this work any better in other CLIM

   (defun test-sowb ()
     ;; This runs in the clim-demo lisp listener window.
     (formatting-table ()
       (flet ((do-row (row)
		(formatting-row ()
		  (dolist (item row)
		    (formatting-cell ()
		      (princ item))))))
	 (dolist (row '((1 one) (2 two) (3 three) (4 four)))
	   (if (oddp (first row))
	       (do-row row)
	       (surrounding-output-with-border ()
		 (do-row row)))))))

I investigated this, and the upshot is that CLIM's border records have
a design flaw that will prevent this from working properly.  For the
time being, you are sh*t out of luck.


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