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Resizing Dialogs Query

   Date:     Thu, 14 Jul 94 12:04:33 EDT
   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>


   I have some pop-up dialogs that I would to resize to a reasonable size
   after they draw themselves.  Basically, they consist of a simple frame with
   a single (scrollable) display pane.

   What I'm doing is using the  


   option when I build the frame and then calling 


   after I've drawn the display pane.

   This works for most cases except that I can find no way to *limit* the size
   to which the frame can grow.  That is, if there is enough output in the
   display-pane, the frame will grow until it fills the entire visible
   screen before it starts to scroll[*].

   CLIM:SIZE-FRAME-FROM-CONTENTS takes a WIDTH and HEIGHT argument; however
   these seem to behave as MIN-WIDTH and MIN-HEIGHT; i.e. the frame will
   always be at least this big (growing bigger if it wants to).

Yup, so far so good.

   Likewise, the function also takes a SIZE-SETTER argument.  This seems to
   default to WINDOW-SET-INSIDE-SIZE.  However, this seems to have the same
   problem, i.e. the frame will grow bigger than some explicitly set limiting
   WIDTH/HEIGHT value.

   Finally, attempts to set HEIGHT/MAX-HEIGHT/MIN-HEIGHT on the pane
   definitions have no effect.

   Any suggestions/hints/etc on how to do this?

Try the following, which adds :MAX-WIDTH and :MAX-HEIGHT args to
SIZE-FRAME-FROM-CONTENTS.  Be warned that Allegro CLIM might do
something quite different with this kludgy function these days.

(in-package :clim-internals)
(defun size-frame-from-contents (stream 
				  &key width height
                                       max-width max-height
				       (right-margin 10) (bottom-margin 10)
				       (size-setter #'window-set-inside-size))
  (declare (values width height))
  (with-slots (output-record) stream
    (with-bounding-rectangle* (left top right bottom) output-record
      (let* ((graft (or (graft stream)
			(find-graft)))		;--- is this right?
	     (gw (bounding-rectangle-width (sheet-region graft)))
	     (gh (bounding-rectangle-height (sheet-region graft)))
	     ;;--- Does this need to account for the size of window decorations?
             (max-width  (if max-width  (min gw max-width)  gw))
             (max-height (if max-height (min gh max-height) gh))
	     (width  (min max-width  (+ (or width (- right left)) right-margin)))
	     (height (min max-height (+ (or height (- bottom top)) bottom-margin))))
	;; The size-setter will typically resize the entire frame
	(funcall size-setter stream width height)
	(window-set-viewport-position stream left top)
        (values width height)))))

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