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Controlling TOGGLE-BUTTON type in a VIEW

   Date:     Fri, 1 Jul 94 12:03:14 EDT
   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

   I have my own TOGGLE-BUTTON gadgets (they work like the standard ones, but
   I have control over their appearance: e.g. mac-like "X" buttons,
   "check-mark" toggles, etc.).

   When I want to cluster these by hand, tools like WITH-RADIO-BOX work just

   My question has to do with using the :VIEW option (for example when using
   ACCEPT).  Is there any way to pass in/override the TOGGLE-BUTTON-type when
   I specify the view?

There is not presently any way to do this, although it's actually a
pretty nice idea.  It turns out that in some ports, the button classes
and radio/check boxes have a pretty incestuous relationship.  This,
combined with the fact that there are some places where CLIM didn't
quite get the low-level details just right, makes it hard to do this.

On to my back-burner...

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