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CLIM 1.0 -> CLIM 2.0

I work on a sun, running ACL 4.2 and CLIM 2.0 and I want to
change an application from CLIM 1.0 to CLIM 2.0.
The last problem, I have is the following:

(define-planner-command (com-satisfy-discourse-goals :name "Satisfy Discourse Goals")
    ((goals 'clim:form))
  (start *planner* goals)

When I want to type in someting like this (which works under CLIM 1.0): 
(a b)
When typing the blank I get an error:
The input "(a" is not a complete Lisp expression
That's true!

What can I do to tell CLIM 2.0 that my input is not yet finished?
Must I write a new presentation type?
Any suggestions, hints, etc?
Is there a CLIM-faq?


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