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CLIM1 Stacks Reset Error

I am developing an interface in CLIM1.1/Lucid4 on an RS6000 and attempting to
bring it up on a Quadra running MCL/CLIM1.1 (with about 14MB allocated to the
image).  The application frame on the Macintosh keeps going away, leaving only
the message:

	;[Stacks reset due to overflow.]

in the Listener.  I'm having trouble finding the cause of this bug because MCL
doesn't break and it occurs sporadically, at some points after a menu item
click, at other points after a click on a graphical presentation object.  Some
of these actions invoke graphical operations while others invoke the underlying
app's analytical routines.  This has never happened on the RS6000, so I assume
it's an MCL-specific thing.

Any help would be most appreciated!!


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