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changing the display server


We have a symbolics NXP-1000 which uses an X terminal as its display
server. Every now and then we have two x-servers displaying from the
same Genera-client. Usually this works fine however when displaying a
clim application it displays to the x-terminal which has built the
first connection to the genera client.            

Q: Is there a possibility in a clim function to set the server to display to? 

We tried with "find-port" and one of the slots, namely GENERA-CLIM::CONSOLE 
or GENERA-CLIM::SCREEN show the actual display, which is not the display we 
want, is there a possibility to find the name of the right display and to 
change that display?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Schotman

Department of computer science
Wageningen Agricultural University
Dreijenplein 2
6703 HB  Wageningen
The Netherlands
ph# ..-31-8370-84724

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