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Series package

> 2. I got a copy of Richard Waters' Series macro package, and tried to
> install it under CLISP.  Installation progressed normally, but the
> package-defined reader-macros #Z and #M can be neither read (from
> top-level) nor printed.

The SET-DISPATCH-MACRO-CHARACTER call is buried in the function
SERIES::INSTALL, which you must call after loading the series package:

(compile-file "series")
(load "series")
(compile-file "seriestest")
(load "seriestest")

For the Series package to run in CLISP, there are patches needed, however.
I have put them in /pub/lisp/clisp/packages on ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de
as well as the whole series package itself.

Bruno Haible