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CLISP with ILISP in Emacs


I am trying to figure out how to use CLISP with ILISP from CMU. (ILISP
is for interfacing Emacs and a LISP program; I think ILISP offers
one of the best LISP environments.)

In summary, I should know how to fire "clisp" using
"start-process" in Emacs. When I try the following: 

   (start-process "woof" "*scratch*" "/home/hyun/local/bin/clisp" "nil")

in a *scratch* buffer, I got an error message something like

   Process woof exited abnormally with code 1.

Since ILISP uses "start-process", ILISP can't fire clisp, either. 

I initially tried to do this on my 486 Linux and I thought that it might
be a Linux problem, so I ftp'ed CLISP for Sparc but got the same result on
a Sparc.

Other LISP programs like Lucid Lisp, XLisp, Franz Lisp can be fired
by the "start-process" in Emacs. What makes CLISP different???  Any idea??? 

Seungseok Hyun                     The Institute for the Learning Sciences
(hyun@ils.nwu.edu)                       Northwestern University