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Re: CLISP with ILISP in Emacs


I don't know exactly, what your "clisp"-script" looks like, but I guess
the last "nil" in the 'start-process' might be the problem.
I've just tried '(start-process "woof" "*scratch*" "clisp" "")' and it
worked. (Sparc1, emacs 18.56, SunOS 4.1.1)
Changing the first line of your "clisp"-script form "#!/bin/sh" to
"#!/bin/sh -xv" might give you some hints.

I've recently tried to get clisp and ILISP work together, but due to lack of
time, I did not succeed. I get an interactive clisp-buffer, but mode reamins
:load forever. After M-x panci-lisp, I can reset clisp and type and
evaluate expressions in its buffer - but that's all :(. 
I think there needs some work to be done to patch clisp.lisp, to make all the 
other ILISP stuff work.
If someone out there did it ... I'd be *very* pleased to receive a copy ;)


Matthias Lindner
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