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CLUE installation

How to compile CLUE with CLISP:

1. Take clisp-1993-05-24 or older (the clisp-1993-06-29 has two bugs),
   PCL and CLX (the September 1992 f version),
   CLUE from the ma2s2:/pub/lisp/clisp/packages/clue+clio+xit.clisp.tar.z .

2. Jean Liotard <liotard@mimosa.unice.fr> noted that there is an error in
   clue/resource.lsp. The definition of IGNORE-ERRORS ought to read

(defmacro ignore-errors (&body body)
  (let ((blockvar (gensym)))
    `(BLOCK ,blockvar
               #'(LAMBDA (&REST ARGS)
                   (RETURN-FROM ,blockvar (VALUES NIL ARGS))
            ))   )
     ) )
) )

(The line ",@body" was missing.)

A typical symptom of this problem was observed by
Bela Pecsek <P2043742@csdvax.csd.unsw.EDU.AU> :

> ** - Continuable Error
> "fixed" cannot be converted to type FONT. 
> If you continue (by typing 'continue'): Retry 

3. Type "make" in the pcl/ directory, then in the clx/ directory,
   then move clx.mem to clue+clio+xit/clx/clx.mem, then type "make"
   in the clue+clio+xit/clue/ directory.

                    Bruno Haible