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Garnet and CLISP for Linux ?


Did someone try to compile Garnet under CLISP on a Linux-Box? Most
of the code seems to compile ok, but loading two modules from the
gadget-set produced the following error message:

  Compiling file /usr/local/garnet/src/gadgets/save-gadget.lsp
  ...Object SAVE-GADGET

  Compilation of file /usr/local/garnet/src/gadgets/save-gadget.lsp is
  0 errors, 0 warnings
  ;; Loading file /usr/local/garnet/src/gadgets/save-gadget.fas ...
  *** - SYSTEM::STORE: #\K does not fit into #(1 0 13 0 ...
   [ total of 8192 numbers, mostly 0's ]
  ... 0 0), bad type
  1. Break>

Moreover, the same error occurs when calling the update-window
function in Garnet. Since Garnet is running without any problems
under CMUCL on the Sun in my office, I assume that this is a CLISP-
related problem.

I apologize for not having tracked down the problem, but compiling
Garnet takes several hours on my linux-box and I do not intend to
spend another afternoon trying to hypnotize the activity-LED of my
hard disk until I am sure that the problem has not already been solved
by someone else.