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Re: New CLISP version (and make-instance)

OK, enough feedback. I thank you all! I asked

! What is common practice in CLOS programs? Are methods for INITIALIZE-INSTANCE
! frequent or not? What about methods for SHARED-INITIALIZE ?

Matthias Lindner and Joerg Hoehle pointed out that INITIALIZE-INSTANCE
methods are very frequent. Skip Egdorf, Len Wanger and David Loewenstern
mentioned SHARED-INITIALIZE as well.

So, I have rewritten MAKE-INSTANCE so that it behaves as if it were calling
INITIALIZE-INSTANCE, and I'll probably do the same for SHARED-INITIALIZE.

David Loewenstern:
> Perhaps you could make the compliant version standard, and provide
> the non-compliant .fas file for people who needed the speed?

No, the new MAKE-INSTANCE is even faster than the old one.

                    Bruno Haible