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clue problem


I setup clisp, clx, pcl, garnet, maxima without problems. They all
seem to function well. But clue gets me into trouble. I have
directories foo/clx foo/pcl foo/clue and foo/clio, and both clx.mem
and pcl.mem are sitting confortable in their directories. I then say
make -f Makefile.clisp in the clue directory, and things start to
compile and load, but then screech to a halt with

*** - FIND-CLASS: WINDOW does not name a class

when compiling intrinsics.lsp. My system is SunOS 4.1.3 on a Sun
470 server, but I guess that is sort of irrelevant since I only
use what comes with clisp.

It is a known problem, with a known solution, or should I become
more specific.

--- Jan