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Re: Q:Xit and usage of make-socket-stream

   >>> ; Compiling intrinsics.lsp
   >>> Compiling file /home/monoceros/tshibata/Softs/clisp/packages/clue\
   >>>clio+xit/clue/intrinsics.lsp ...
   >>> *** - FIND-CLASS: WINDOW does not name a class
   >>Mr Jan Deleeuw had the same problem. It may come from the buggy top-level
   >>form handling in CLISP versions older than 1993-09-27. Please try getting
   >>that newest CLISP version.

  OK, I got newest CLISP version by ftp and made it. Then, I decoded
'pcl+clx.sept92f.clisp.tar.z' to make pcl and clx. It seemed to be
succeed making them. But after all the same error occured when making
CLUE which source is clisp/packages/clue.clisp.tar.z or

  Is there anyone out who could succeed making clue+clio+xit on Sun4?

   >>> I found SYSTEM function MAKE-SOCKET-STREAM, but couldn't find its usage.
   >>It is the low-level function for building the connection to the X server.
   >>See clx/dependent.lsp for its usage.

  I believe provided MAKE-SOCKET-STREAM is only for connetion with X.
I want a function which is :
   >>>but couldn't find its usage. Please tell me any information, or does
   >>>anyone has programmed a function which return two-way-stream between
   >>>clisp and forked executable program?

   Should I implement it by remake?

p.s. Should I mail it only to Mr. Haible like this case(issues of
making binaries)?
Tomohiro Shibata (email: tom@jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Inoue-Inaba Laboratory,
Department of Mechano-informatics,
University of Tokyo; Japan