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Re: first message to the list, have a newbie question

Derrick Cole <cole@elvis.concert.net> was "exposed to c-lisp for a grand
total of < 12 hours" and already found and fixed a bug. Congratulations!

> "make test" passes, but "make testsuite" fails with the following alltest.erg
> file:
> SOLL: "8.988465674311579d307"
> CLISP: "1.7976931348623157d308"

This is due to the fact that on Sparc, CLISP uses the floating format
prescribed by the hardware for DOUBLE-FLOATs. It differs from CLISP's soft
floats. Consider the testsuite to have succeeded.

> However, if I invoke lisp.run and execute the forms by hand, I get:
> ".11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111d1024"

Don't invoke lisp.run without arguments (except on Atari) - it contains
only one half of clisp. Not even DEFUN or SETF. And floating point numbers
are printed in binary because floatpri.lsp has not been loaded...

                    Bruno Haible