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maxima,clisp,os2, load fails

I have been trying to run maxima with clisp under os/2.  I have the
maxima package from the clisp tree at cmu, so I think this is the
correct version to try.  Maxima works with the default files, but
I have been unable to 'load()' any files.  I always get a EONENT
error, "file not found" for any load command.  The varible file_search
contains the correct pathnames.  I have tried the trace facility in
maxima, but it only traces up to the point where it runs FILE_SEARCH
and then returns the same error.  Calling FILE_SEARCH yields the same
error for any file.  Clisp loads files ok, but the maxima code does
not.  It looks like there is no debugger present in maxima as far as
I can tell.  
	Has anybody been able to load files from maxima running in
clisp under os2?  Any ideas on how to proceed to debug this?