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CLISP to replace XLISP

A short while ago I placed a request in news for information about reasonably
sized LISP implementations for use in teaching. For some time I've been
using XLISP, and in fact have found it to be very satisfactory. The
problem with it has been, however, the lack of a CLOS implementation.
A number of people responded to that posting recommending CLISP, so here
I am. Dumb question time. The doc that comes with the system basically
says that CLISP implements CLtL1 plus parts of CLtL2, and parts of
CLOS. As I have now obtained and am currently installing the latst
version (clisp-1993-11-08), do I still need PCL if I want the complete
CLOS? Secondly, is there anywhere a list of exactly which functions
(and options to those functions) are supported.


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