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Re: CLISP to replace XLISP

Michael Wise <michaelw@karl.cs.su.OZ.AU> asks:

> Dumb question time. The doc that comes with the system basically
> says that CLISP implements CLtL1 plus parts of CLtL2, and parts of

That's true.

> is there anywhere a list of exactly which functions
> (and options to those functions) are supported.

See impnotes.txt. Or evaluate  (do-external-symbols (s "CLOS") (print s))

> As I have now obtained and am currently installing the latst version
> (clisp-1993-11-08), do I still need PCL if I want the complete CLOS?

You won't need PCL for most CLOS programs.

Note that PCL isn't a "complete CLOS" either. For example, it doesn't
support the :METHOD option in DEFGENERIC.

                    Bruno Haible