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clisp 1994-01-07 installation problems on AXP OSF/1 1.3

I can't figure what am I doing wrong:  the lisp.run always core dumps.
I use gcc 2.5.7, -g -DNO_SINGLEMAP -DNO_MULTIMAP_SHM in CFLAGS.  I get
no errors during configuration with "target", no errors on compilation
(lotsa warnings, though).  But this all I get, after starting afresh
the whole procedure now about 10 ten times:

gcc -O -W -Wswitch -Wcomment -Wpointer-arith -Wimplicit -Wreturn-type -O2 -g  -DNO_SINGLEMAP -DNO_MULTIMAP_SHM  spvw.o spvwtabf.o spvwtabs.o spvwtabo.o eval.o control.o pathname.o stream.o socket.o io.o array.o hashtabl.o list.o package.o record.o sequence.o charstrg.o debug.o error.o misc.o predtype.o symbol.o lisparit0.o stdwin.o graph.o unixaux.o libreadline.a  -ltermcap -L/usr/lib -lX11 -o lisp.run
./lisp.run -m 750KW -x "(load \"init.lsp\") (sys::%saveinitmem) (exit)"
/bin/sh: 24219 Memory fault - core dumped
make: *** [interpreted.mem] Error 139
./txt2c < _README > txt.c

That core above is fruitless: the stack trace (displayed either by gdb 4.11
or DEC dbx) shows nothing useful: the damn thing craps out deep in system
malloc() _before_ even entering main().

Could someone who has succesfully compiled CLISP 1994-01-07 on AXP OSF/1 1.3
(_and_ still has the compilation directory intact) please send me uuencoded
(maybe gzipped?) the tar made by this command

tar cvf /tmp/foo.tar `find . -type f -print | egrep '(ake(file)*|(config|/machine|ports).(h|status))$'`

in his compilation directory.  This should include all the files
created during the configuration, I will compare those with the ones I have.