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clisp 1994-01-07 installation problems on AXP OSF/1 1.3

>>>>> "JH" == Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@alpha.hut.fi> writes:

JH> That core above is fruitless: the stack trace (displayed either by
JH> gdb 4.11 or DEC dbx) shows nothing useful: the damn thing craps
JH> out deep in system malloc() _before_ even entering main().

I'm sure you've tried this, but have you recompiled without
-fomit-frame-pointer (and optimization).  Your stack trace description
sounds like this is the problem.  If not, sorry for the dumb advice.

I've been trying to get CLISP working with a Mach MULTIMAP configuration.
Unfortunately, I use NEXTSTEP, which lacks external pagers.  So I can
use the vm_map function.  If I figure out a workaround, I'll finish
that particular configuration (with IMMUTABLE support).

However, it was easy to make a SINGLEMAP configuration based on vm_allocate.
It should work with OSF also.  If your in a hurry, let me know.  Otherwise
I'll wait to upload the patches until I figure out a workaround for the memory
mapping problem (or get my hands on a complete Mach implementation).