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Maintaining CLISP

The good news is CLISP is a mature portable LISP.  More good news is that
the maintainer and co-author has larger challenges ahead of him.  Bigger
fish to fry (or maybe a nice nap).  The bad news is the same.  

I'm no LISP guru, that's for sure.  But I use CLISP for `real work' and 
would like to see it continue to evolve.  

I'll integrate your patches and try to keep CLISP running.  Send your
mail to the list or to me as appropriate.  I'm no Bruno, but that's life.  
You'll rarely if ever get enlightened by me, so it probably isn't worth
the effort asking (not that I mind). 

For now we are relying on Bruno's FTP server, and mailing list.  If anyone
has resources or skills to offer.  Please let me know!


Marcus Daniels