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ECL - more details please!

I'd appreciate more details, such as:
- How large is the image?
- How conformant is it to CLtL1, CLtL2, proposed Ansi CL?
- What are the limitations on heap size, stack size, etc.?
- Does it do its own paging or must everything fit in main memory?
  (This question only applies to OS's like DOS that don't do this
  for you.)
- Is it able to call DOS/UNIX programs (like CLISP)?
- Does it contain any support for screen windows, as described in
  earlier messages?
- Does it contain any support for window systems such as MSWindows,
  X, etc.?
- Does it compile into native machine instructions or use a byte 
  code interpreter?
Pretend that I also asked any other questions that you think a
prospective user would be interested in.