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clx/garnet: Client is not authorized to connect to server

I've spend the last few days trying to get clx going. Everything went 
smoothly until I ran the "hello-world" demo. which gave me a
"*** - Connection failure to X11.0 server  display 0: Client is
not authorized to connect to Server" error (presumably from the X Server ?).
I removed my ~/.Xauthority file and ripped the "xgenauth" entry from my
.xserverrc file which seemed to solve my problem. I then continued
to build garnet, wich worked fine, but ran terribly slow.
No problem I thought, I just run it on our fileserver, which has plenty
of memory and is pretty snappy. I ran "rxcmd", which sets up the 
DISPLAY variable, and tried garnet again. Guess what: the authorization
error reappeared !

Has anybody out there experienced the same kind of problems ?
Garnet looks great, so any help would be appreciated !