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Re: clx/garnet: Client is not authorized to connect to server

You wrote:
> I've spend the last few days trying to get clx going. [...]
> I then continued
> to build garnet, wich worked fine, but ran terribly slow.
> No problem I thought, I just run it on our fileserver, which has plenty
> of memory and is pretty snappy.

Sorry, I can't help with your .Xauthority problem; but you should know
that Garnet on an RS/6000 350 with 64 MB real memory (and lots of swap
space and no other user on it) is still terribly slow... :(

Does anybody use Garnet (and, in particular, Gilt and Lapidary) with
CLISP for real work? On which platform?


Joachim Schrod			Email: schrod@iti.informatik.th-darmstadt.de
Computer Science Department
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany