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Lisp and C


I'am a NeXT user and I would like to use a good lisp environment on  
NeXT (but my problem concerns all systems).

My aim (but I begin to think that it's a dream) is the following:

- To make an App with Project Builder
- To write some Lisp routines, to compile them, and get .o object  
- To link these compiled lisp routines (and the lisp kernel needed)  
with my App and to call them from a C function.

The problem is that CLisp just produce fasl files and not .o.
gcl produce .o file but I didn't reach to do what I wanted.

Did someone try such things?
Do exist a good lisp environment for NeXTStep?
Do someone use NeXTStep Interface with Lisp program?  How?

Thanks in advance.

  David Rudloff      e-mail: rudloff@steinway.u-strasbg.fr

  ERIC (Equipe de Recherche en Ingenierie des connaissanes)
  24 Bd de la Victoire 67084 STRASBOURG CEDEX

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