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CLisp and EMACS

I tried to use CLISP with GNU-EMACS doing:
- M-x run-lisp
-> lisp, command not found
- I edited this file:
   run LISP:lisp.run -M LISP:lispinit.mem
   named it clisp, put it in C: (I've got an Amiga, it's the equivalent of
   Unix's /bin), and did protect C:clisp +s (make it executable as a script).
 I did : (setq inferior-lisp-program "clisp")
 and M-x run-lisp
-> EXECUTE, PROGDIR:clisp command not found.
 (the OS uses the command EXECUTE to launch scripts)
I think I should use a clisp.el specially dedicated to use CLISP (besides that,
 run-lisp works if I use CLISP without argument -M).

Q1: where can I find a clisp.el NOT DEDICATED TO ANY SPECIAL OS but generic for
 every system/directory tree ? The one in mailing-list-archive-1993 works even
 on a configuration (i.e. directories) different from the one described ?

Q2: I know EMACS uses inferior-lisp-program for the path of the program he uses
 when one types in M-x run-lisp. Is there some kind of inferior-lisp-arguments to
 specify the arguments of the command ?

Q3: When will the next version of CLISP will be released on Amiga ?



Pascal Poizat
DEA Informatique, Nantes, France
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