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First release of CLISP for Acorn RISC OS machines

[Forwarded from Peter Burwood <clisp@arcangel.demon.co.uk>.]


I've uploaded the first port of CLISP for Acorn Archimedes and Risc PC's to

This release in a binary only release and can be found in


I will be uploading a SPARK archive version for those without gzip shortly
(though gzip is freely available from micros.hensa.ac.uk and other Acorn ftp
sites). This should be available as


I should also be uploading the SPARK version to hensa soon.

Right, now that the logistics of getting it are out of the way, onto helping
me further and some basic information (I will send more information to
comp.sys.acorn.announce, comp.sys.acorn, comp.sys.acorn.tech soon).

I am after beta testers to help debug the port or provide any suggestions
for improvements which can be posted to this list for discussion or to me
directly (clisp@arcangel.demon.co.uk). This version is based on Bruno's
1995-01-01 release and I would like to publically thank Bruno for the help
he has given me in porting CLISP to Acorn ARM machines and for producing
CLISP in the first place.

This port runs in a task window or outside the desktop and will require a
machine with at least 4MB of memory and RISC OS 3.0 or later. Note, it is
possible to run CLISP in less memory if parts of CLISP are removed, e.g.,
CLtL2, CLOS, conditions and Loop. The absolute minimum is probably a task
window with a wimpslot of 1.75-2MB.

There are many things I would like to do to CLISP to enhance the Acorn
version, e.g., interface to the WIMP, and I woould appeciate your comments
and suggestions.

Those already familiar with CLISP should note that there is no GNU readline
facility in the current version, though it should be fairly easy for me to
add it.

P.S. please make sure you read the pathname section in section 23 of the
impnotes.txt file.

-- Email: clisp@arcangel.demon.co.uk