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Strange output error

I'm not sure if this is a Lisp error or an implementation error.

I have a function that reads a string from the keyboard which
has an optional parameter giving a prompt message.

This seems to work fine when called individually but in a sequence
of 3 or more calls it starts to display part of the prompt twice,
> (read-unix-error 'filestore)
Enter application name> xfig
Enter the environment> csh
Enter error message> who
Enter problem description> 
blem description> d
Enter machine name> 
blem description> Enter machine name> d

(The 'Enter the environment>' is a separate function to read in a check
for a defined type)

The function definition is:

	(defun read-string (&optional (prompt "> "))
        	(format t "~a"  prompt)

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I have to admit to not
being all that familiar with Common Lisp I/O so I may have made a
glaringly obvious error!

Thanks for any help,


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