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Online documentation and describe

I've just started using clisp (and lisp in general), and I find clisp
to be an excellent implementation.  The only area that I think is
lacking is online documentation, which the docs say are none

I was wondering if anyone has taken a look at gcl.  GCL-2.0 has an
info file for documentation, and (describe 'fun) looks up "fun" in the
info file and prints out the entry.

I've started to modify some of the lisp from gcl to work with clisp.
As a lisp novice, this is a pretty large task since some gcl specifics
are used.  

With some modifications for clisp, I think this would make a wonderful
addition for clisp.  Certainly, better than what describe does now.

Anyone interested in helping me?  I need a lot of lisp help, but I can
do some of the info file changes for clisp.