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Re: Hello

   Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 00:15:27 +0200
   From: gat@aig.jpl.nasa.gov (Erann Gat)

   I work at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, which is responsible for unmanned
   exploration of the solar system for NASA.  I am involved in a project to
   develop an advanced architecture for controlling autonomous spacecraft.
   This project is part of a project called New Millenium whose purpose is to
   develop inexpensive spacecraft for the year 2000 and beyond (hence the name).
   I am using CLisp to prototype a spacecraft executive based on a control
   methodology called conditional sequencing.  I won't bore you with the
   details; if anyone is interested, contact me.

Web page!  Web page!

   The current project is only a prototype, but I am also interested in using
   Lisp for actual flight code.  I am a bit of a lone warrior in this, as Lisp
   is widely perceived by people in NASA to be too big and slow for "real" work.

Take a look at Paul Graham's _On_Lisp_.  It's a fabulous book, and it
has an example where Lisp does some numerical computation faster than

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