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>>>>> "Erann" == Erann Gat <gat@aig.jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

Erann> So that's what I'm up to.  I am interested in hearing from
Erann> people who are actively developing CLisp, especially if anyone
Erann> else out there is interested in using it in a cross-compiled or
Erann> embedded environment.  Also, is anyone working on lightweight
Erann> threads?

CLISP is a considerable distance from being truly cross-buildable.
lisp.run can be cross-compiled using GCC with relatively little fuss.
I've never tried Lisp cross-compilation there is some
support, and it has been done for at least one platform (Atari).  
Another problem is that memory images aren't portable.  

The only thing close to multiprocessing I've ever done with CLISP
is with PVM.  Then there is ILU, which should not be too hard
to get running now that there is a FFI, and since ILU 1.8 has
a single-threaded example.  I know.. a far cry from true Lisp threads.

For the next release, the only thing I expect to add is support for
GNU gettext (along with our bug fixes).  That is what I'm working on
in my free time.  Also, I have a BFD-based dynamic linker moseying
toward usability that I hope to use for loading CLISP modules.

If anyone is interested in doing CLISP development, perhaps it would
be good for us to setup a net-accessible CVS source tree.  For the
time being, I can't provide a host for this.