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Re: real-time programming

Bruno Haible writes:

> Automatic garbage collection and real-time constraints don't exclude
> each other. It is the GC *implementation* used in CLISP and many
> other Lisp implementations (suspend the program's execution during
> GC) that hurts.

For those who may be interested in this (Erann?); Henry Baker has
written a paper on garbage collection called "List Processing in Real
Time on a Serial Computer" which describes a real-time compacting
garbage collector. The article is not new but still worth reading.
Other articles covering the same issues plus a lot of other things
about language implementation, compilation, etc can be found at the
SEL-HPC archive for compilers and interpreters. For those who are
interested in using Lisp in real-time environments, this might be
worth looking into.

Henry Bakers home page (it might take a *long* time to get in to

The SEL-HPC archive:

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