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Re: Hello / byte-compilation

At 19:10 7/18/95, Don Cohen wrote:
>Cross compiling: since the lisp code is byte compiled, I had originally
>expected that clisp would be compiled code compatible across all platforms.
>It turns out that this is not true.  But it's close.  I spent a little
>time looking into how to make it so, but didn't actually do it.  I really
>don't think it's difficult, except for macros that expand differently for
>different machines.  I'm pretty sure all the system supplied macros could
>be easily fixed to compile into the same byte code for all machines (put
>the machine dependence into functions called by the expansion).  Of course,
>the programmer would be responsible for his own macros.

I have to admit that I know almost nothing about this.

But it seems both Emacs and CLISP are byte-compiling. Would it be difficult
to make CLISP generate (and process) Emacs byte-code ? I do not know how
general and powerful each of these systems is, but it would make a lot of
sense to have only one common standard, to enable easier code-sharing.
Also, isn't the Emacs byte-code portable across platforms ?? It might make
a good substitute for HotJava, as Emacs has probably a much wider
distribution. :-)

Markus Krummenacker