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Building CLisp for NetBSD

Has anyone done this successfully?  I've been trying to get it running under NetBSD
on my Amiga 3000, but no luck so far.  

I've tried to build the newest and the previous sources, I'm having similar problems with
both, and some new problems with the newest.

For both the configure script isn't working as advertised, it won't build into a separate
directory from src.  It give an error saying "bad host name" when I try to do things as 
described in the install file.

Then about midway through the initial make phase when it's building the .c sources 
I get an error when it can't find a file named ari68020.c .   I've tried linking that
filename to ari68020.mit.c which got me through to where I had lisp.run built for the
previous version, in the current version I get stuck when the makefile tries to build
the stuff in the intl directory, I get 

No rule to make target `Makefile.in', needed by `Makefile'.  

and everything stops.

With the previous version, after lisp.run was built, I got an error when I began to build
the lisp image, something about IO-STREAM... I don't have that source installed anymore so
I can't reproduce the exact message... but after the error message it just started outputting
binary stuff to the screen.

Any suggestions?  Anyone gotten any further than this with NetBSD on an Amiga?