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Re: Newest CLISP under Linux

   On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Marcus Daniels wrote:

   > >>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver ANDRICH <andrich@mailhost.uni-koblenz.de> writes:
   > Oliver> has anybody compiled the latest CLISP-Version under Linux in
   > Oliver> aout format?  Or does there only exist the ELF-Binaries?
   > I only built ELF binaries.  If someone has build a.out binaries,
   > send me email and I'll get them up on ma2s2.

   Well, I tried it myself an hour ago, but I wasn't able to compile it on 
   my Linux box, but I think I will do some problem hunting tonight.

I just built it.

I encountered problems when trying to build it in the src directory.
It was ok to build it in another directory e.g. ./configure foo
(When I leaved home it was still 'make check'ing, but it seems
to work ok)

(For Marcus: I can send details if you need them to track the bug)

(for Marcus & Wilhelm: I modified the new version of clisp to 
 accept other things as constant, a la CLtL2. I'll send this to you
 after a little testing)