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Re: Newest CLISP under Linux

>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver ANDRICH <andrich@mailhost.uni-koblenz.de> writes:

Oliver> Ok, may be that was my problem. But I think you have to start
Oliver> the configure script within the src dir and not as mentioned
Oliver> in INSTALL or unix/INSTALL in the base distribution dir,
Oliver> haven`t you? I think that that has to be change in the INSTALL
Oliver> files, too. And btw, are you going load it up to the
Oliver> ftp-server?

The unix/INSTALL instructions should work.  Although I never do builds in
the src directory I guess that behavior could be useful for folks
without symlinks (are there such Unix machines anymore?!)

I fixed a potential problem that could cause the configure to
terminate prematurely.  It was specific to the new gettext support.
If you think that was the problem, you might grab new sources before
trying to debug it (http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp).  

Of course, any other specific information would be welcome, too.