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On the modest size, there is a module for CLISP called "stdwin"
that might be a starting place. 

Pierpaolo Bernardi (bernardp@cli.di.unipi.it) wrote a 
neat little tree-visualization program that uses stdwin.  It might provide
some guidance.  It is available for ftp from:


The `standard' X interface for Common Lisp is CLX.  A CLX tweaked
for CLISP, and a manual, is available at:

A large GUI system developed at Carnegie Mellon called `Garnet' is
available from the same place, as well as some other CLX-layered
packages. The latest (and last) version of Garnet is available at:


I found I had to modify the garnet-loader file slightly in order to
get Garnet 3.0 to load.  That's at:


You'll need something like 133Mhz Pentium in order to have very usable
performance.  The HCI group at CMU now is working a C++ library called
`Amulet'.  One could use the CLISP FFI to interface with Amulet or any
number of other libraries (e.g. Tk, Xview).