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Re: xp-code.lisp errors in clisp and gcl

Benjamin Shults wrote:
> I downloaded the latest (09/02/92) version of xp-code.lisp from merl.com.
> I have some pretty printing code which is very stable and
> runs fine under Allegro.
> I also want to use CLISP and GCL.  When I load xp-code.lisp
> into either of these lisps and run my code I get runtime
> errors signaled from inside the xp code.

This has been solved.  I was using a format string that worked
with Allegro because they extended the ~* directive in an undocumented
yet sensible way so that it could take ~-1* and skip backwards.
The standard way to do this is ~1:*.  xp-code.lisp gives
an error on the former while Allegro understands it.

Let this be a lesson to me.