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documentation about creating modules?

Marcus Daniels writes:
 > >>>>> "JH" == Joerg Hoehle <hoehle@zeus.gmd.de> writes:
 > The `queens' module is a simple example (see callqueens.c for a template).
 > stdwin.d can be setup as a module too (see inside the STDWIN_MODULE ifdefs).

My opinion is that `queens' is not a module in the sense of CLISP,
because it requires you to modify subr.d and constsym.d so you must
recompile everything.  It does not use the modules.[dh] feature.  You
can't add queens to an existing lisp.a.

 > doc/module.txt, doc/extend.txt, and the source is about the 
 > extent of the information available on modules.

Extend.txt tells how to add files (non-modules) like `queens' to CLISP
(recompiling everything), modules.txt tells the user how to add
dynamic modules to a given lisp.a (UNIX only) but neither explain how
to create an own module from scratch.  Src/stdwin.d and
src/foreign1.lsp seem to be the only places where to gather
information about the structure of a module.

Maybe what's missing is queensmod, `queens' as a CLISP module, adding
a few #ifdef QUEENS_AS_MODULE to callqueens.d.  I can do that.  But
then there's still documentation missing.

 	Jo"rg Ho"hle.
Joerg.Hoehle@gmd.de			hoehle@zeus.gmd.de