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Re: clisp under Windows95?

>>>>> "JL" == John Levine <johnl@dai.ed.ac.uk> writes:

JL> I retrieved this, unzipped it into c:\winclisp and then tried
JL> running c:\winclisp\clisp.bat in Windows95, but I got:

JL>    Cannot find /bin/sh.exe, copy /usr/bin/bash.exe to it!  Cannot
JL> find /usr/bin/sh.exe, copy /usr/bin/bash.exe to it!

It's the cygwin DLL doing that.  If you are interested in using this
win32 beta version of CLISP, you probably ought to be prepared to
install and configure more of the gnu-win32 tools.  See the Cygnus
gnu-win32 for a FAQ, and pointers to the archive:


The notion of gnu-win32 is to be a Unix workalike environment.

JL>    *** - UNIX library error 2 (ENOENT): no such file or directory

JL> Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Try setting a "HOME" environment variable to "/".

JL> Sorry, I don't understand this. Do you mean that it is possible to
JL> call external C functions without recompiling the lisp? If so, how
JL> can I do it?

See the files "foreign.txt" and "module.txt".  It is possible to
augment a CLISP "link kit" with other modules.  Although this
procedure involves linking up a new executable, it does not require
recompilation of CLISP.

JL> 4. Is it possible to run the DOS version of CLISP under Windows95?
JL> Do I have to use RSX to do this? What properties do I need to set
JL> so that I don't get the "DPMI not supported" message coming up?

See the README, emx-*.doc and rsx-*.txt files distributed with the DOS
binary distribution.

[BTW, there are two configurations in the CLISP source for win32
support: WIN32_UNIX and WIN32_DOS.  WIN32_UNIX freely uses cygwin
features, to be as Unix-like as possible.  WIN32_DOS, on the other
hand, attempts to use only win32 routines with CLISP's DOS support.]