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Re: CLISP on Windows 95 ?

Geum Yong Lee writes:
> Could anybody tell me how to run clisp on Windows 95 ? The file README
> describes only something about Windows 3.1. Dr. Marcus Daniels
> <marcus@ee.pdx.edu> told me the other day that I could run clisp using "rsx"
> or something.

The DOS binary distribution comes with a file called rsx.exe. You can
run the DOS version under Windows 95 using this via the following command:

> cd <your-clisp-directory>
> rsx.exe -Ra -Rs1024 lisp.exe -M lispinit.mem

The "-Rs1024" (make the stack 1Mb) isn't strictly necessary but I found
the default stack size too small for me.


John Levine,
Department of Artificial Intelligence,
University of Edinburgh,
Scotland, U.K.