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Thank you for Window95 clisp

Dear Dr. John Levine,

        You told me that I could run the DOS version of CLISP on Windows 95 by

        1) cd <my-clisp-directory>
        2) rsx.exe -Ra -Rs1024 lisp.exe -M lispinit.mem

This morning, I just verified your priceless information. What a beautiful
success I have !! I had adjusted the command on "rsx" from "rsx.exe" to that
in 2) above (Push the right mouse button on the rsx icon, and adjust the
registration information, the former PIF file). Then, when double-clicking
the rsx icon, the window for clisp appeared successfully.

Thank you so much. Your information saved me a great deal of time.


                                               Geum-Yong Lee, Ph. D
                                        Radiation and Environment Division,
                                        Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety