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Bug in Installing under DOS and DJGPP

Hi, I have been downloaded version clisp-1996-05-30 from
my local mirror site and attempted to install clisp with no
success. I am using djgpp2.0. I tried to use djgpp1.12 as
suggested in the install file under the dosdjgpp directory but
couldn't get as far in the build process as I could using
version 2.0.

I am trying to write a small lisp program that will manipulate
a large amount of data, hence the desire to use the 32-bit
version of djgpp rather than the real-mode version as
suggested in the install program.

Basically, I can execute all the steps up to the "make
interpreted.mem" target with no errors. The system goes
through all the .lsp files and loads them OK but fails in the
sys::%saveinitmem command. It gives an error of:

DJDOS error 22 (ENOENT): no such file or directory.

I have traced the problem down to something in the
savemem function (spvw.c) by commenting out the line:
(savemem "lispimag.mem") in the file user2.lsp. After that it
becomes a bit too much for me without a lot of extra work.
Can someone help out here?

I have enclosed the total script of my experiences below in
attempting the installation for the benefit of whoever
maintains the DJGPP port of clisp.

I performed the following steps to get to the problem point
mentioned above:

1. deleted all references to "copy /b ..go32.exe ..." in the
install and makefile (v2.0 of djgpp automatically does it now
as part of the gcc step).

2. modified dosdjgpp/copyx.bat and dos/delx.bat to only
reference file names conforming to the DOS 8+3 format ie
makefile.go3 not makefile.go32 and rlobject not rlobjects

3. deleted unixaux.o from the gcclink.in file (doesn't seem to
be needed, certainly not built by the make file).