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Re: using clisp from emacs editor

>>>>> "Sehung" == Sehung Kwak <skwak@lads.is.lmco.com> writes:

    Sehung> Hi, There.
    Sehung> I try to use clisp from emacs editor.
    Sehung> My system is linux-elf 2.0.21 running on PC.
    Sehung> My emacs is GNU Emacs 19.31.1.

    Sehung> What I want is:

    Sehung> 	Write a function in an emacs editor buffer and run it in
    Sehung> 	another pane (or buffer) in the same emacs editor.

Look up ilisp. I think it comes with 19.31.  It will do what you're