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Re: using clisp from emacs editor

>     Sehung> Hi, There.
>     Sehung> I try to use clisp from emacs editor.
>     Sehung> My system is linux-elf 2.0.21 running on PC.
>     Sehung> My emacs is GNU Emacs 19.31.1.
>     Sehung> What I want is:
>     Sehung> 	Write a function in an emacs editor buffer and run it in
>     Sehung> 	another pane (or buffer) in the same emacs editor.

Ilisp does not come with GNU Emacs, but it comes with XEmacs.  
GNU Emacs has 'inferior lisp mode', which is well documented in the emacs
documentation, please read it (type C-h i s inferior lisp<ret>).