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CLISP in NetBSD/Amiga. Anyone?

Rodrigo Ventura writes:
 >         Hi. Has anyone tried/done porting CLISP for NetBSD (namely,
 > amiga)? I'm really interested in it. CLISP has been successfully
 > ported to the native OS of Amiga. But I prefer the NetBSD environment,
 > not only for stability reasons, but also because of the emacs 19.??
Hey, I can count on my fingers the number of times the Amiga-CLISPs I
released crashed on me.

 > port (there is only an emacs 18.?? port for AmigaDOS). I've tried
Emacs-19 exists but I've yet to see an Emacs as stable (UNIX included)
as 18.59.

 > compile CLISP in NetBSD but it gave lots of problems.
Sorry, I can't really help you with non native Amiga ports.  You'll
need a rock-solid GCC to compile CLISP, I'm still using 2.5.8.  You
mustn't have AMIGAOS defined and maybe even not define AMIGA, but
`configure' should take care of this.

Try to be more specific about your "lots of problems", maybe somebody
will recognize a pattern.

Here's from very old mails to the list:

:From: Michel.Loi@lip.ens-lyon.fr (Michel Loi)
:Sender: clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de
:Subject: problem building clisp for AMIGA NetBSD 1.0
:Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 09:37:47 +0100

:lisp.run dumps core when loading "defmacro.lsp"
:- I've tried older versions of clisp: same result
:  these versions work fine with AMIX 2.1 and
:  NetBSD 0.9 (!)
:- I've used gcc 2.4.5 and 2.6.0: same result

:From: Bob Slawson <bslawson@phobos.astro.uwo.ca>
:Sender: clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de
:Subject: Re: clisp on NetBSD ?
:Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 08:58:51 +0200

:I have CLISP running under NetBSD/Amiga.  mmap() and friends and the
:shm support don't seem to be adequate for CLISP.  I can only get working
:images when CLISP is built with the -DNO_MULTIMAP_FILE and -DNO_MULTIMAP_SHM
:options set (same as for 386BSD from the porting notes).
:NetBSD is still evolving so maybe someday.

I can forward you the `unixconf.h' file that Bob Slawson sent to me back

CLISP internas w.r.t. UNIX have changed a lot since 1994.

	Jo"rg Ho"hle.
Joerg.Hoehle@gmd.de		http://zeus.gmd.de/~hoehle/amiga-clisp.html
Amiga-CLISP (native)